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confident chemical weapons were used and weighing its next step. here is senator bob corker earlier on "today." >> i do think the administration feels like that there is no question chemicals were used. i think they are rallying support around our nato allies. hopefully, they come to congress with an authorization as soon as we get back, but i do think action is going to occur. >> defense secretary chuck hagel saying today the u.s. would only act in concert with the international community. but is considering all of the options on the table and senator john mccain weighed in on those options while in south korea earlier. >> and if the united states stands by and doesn't take very serious action, not just for launching some cruise missiles, then, again, our credibility in the world is diminished even more if there is any left. >> credibility in the world diminished according to john mccain if there is any left.
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let's join now foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin in cairo. and kristen welker at the white house. we know they were shot at today and able to return after turning around to the inspection sites. let's talk about how long it lasted and also what is the sentiment of the syrian people knowing that u.n. inspectors are now on the ground there? >> reporter: well, their mission is still ongoing so to speak. one of the points that we have been reporting throughout is that u.n. inspectors have to coordinate their movements with the syrian government. as we understand it, they came under attack or sniper fire in an area that was a buffer zone where the rebels don't control it and neither was the syrian government. as they were trying to act the site where the alleged chemical weapons attack took place, that is when they came under fire. now, as we have also been reporting they had been meeting with local residents and one of
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the demands of the u.n. inspectors they would be allowed to meet with eyewitnesses and able to take soil and blood samples and speak to those who may have survived this attack and that is something still ongoing. we don't have any confirmation they have returned to damascus. it is a short trip which is anication they are trip is ongoing. no indication whether that the analysis of those samples will take place in country or will it have to be transported delaying the results or its findings. obviously, the u.s. and some of its allies have already expressed doubt this fact finding mission will produce any types of results because for the past few days the syrian government has been shelling that area and possibly destroying any tangible evidence. >> this dates back to the 21st which the alleged attacks happened. as you point out the shelling of that area could destroy any of the evidence that they are looking for on the ground. kristen, as we hear senator john mccain talking about diminished
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credibility of the u.s. while he is in south korea, that it take into heavy account the president has not determined whether act -- or what action that the administration wants to take, but military action is something that seems to be a foregone conclusion. >> reporter: it seems to be at this point, thomas. i can tell you that things are moving quickly here. there were a series of high level meetings at the white house throughout the weekend, president obama met with his national security team on saturday. among the options under consideration limited air strikes which would include anything from using cruise missiles, from navy destroyers which are currently in the mediterranean, to possibly air strikes. just to be clear about that, thomas, the idea is not to take out assad, but to weaken or to destroy his military capability. that is the thinking at this hour. as you point out, pressure is really mounting from capitol hill for this administration to take some sort of action, really
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from both sides of the aisle. you are hearing lawmakers increasingly want action to be tab. the majority of americans are opposed to taking action in syria. the fact this nation is quite war weary in the wake in the wars in iraq and afghanistan so that is something they are taking into account. one reason why this president has been so deliberative in terms of trying to determine what to do. but things are moving quickly here. >> thanks to both of you. joining me is new york democratic congressman elliott engle of the house foreign affairs committee. good to have you here. as kristen points out, there are lawmaker who are asking for strong military action. we know you sent a letter to the president over the weekend saying the u.s. must strike the assad regime and a portion of your letter goes on to read, we must destroy assad's runways and fuel depots and helicopters and other related military
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infrastructure and wen can do this with no boots on the ground from standoff distances. sir, this morning, we hear from russia's foreign minister saying that is an illusion to think that destroying syrian military infrastructure with end a war there. what response have you heard from the white house and with your letter and your desire for action, are you take into account that many of those areas that you would like to see as targets for military strike are in an area where civilian casualties would -- would -- would be a problem? >> well, i think, first of all, we should not be concerned with what russia says or thinks. they have been incredibly bad players in this whole thing. they are the ones who have been propping up assad and blocking action in the united nations. assad is killing his own people with gas, the horrific images of children foaming at the mouth and dying. i think it's not something that
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we can sit idly by and watch and say that is on the other side of the world so, therefore, it has no effect back home. at the very, very least we ought to send a clear signal that this is unacceptable in the 21st century and i hope we can do that in conjunction with our nato allies and our other allies because it's very, very important that we not allow this to continue from a humanitarian point of view. on from a strategic point of view assad is a bad player for years and' lined himself with iran and his organization. i do think the west cannot sit idly by and allow this man to murder his own people and continue to win a civil war. i think we need to act and i think we need to act quickly. >> when it comes to senator john mccain in south korea today talking about the diminishing credibility of the united states, if it has any left, how much -- how much pressure does this put on the president to do
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something at this point? especially if we don't have the support from nato allies or from the u.n. to move into something that would be seen as a strategic military strike. if we don't have their support, does that tie the president's hands? >> well, i think we have to have a support of our nato allies. i look at this situation as analogous to 1999 in kosovo and europe where there was a besieged population being killed by its own government and nato air strikes intervened and turned it around. i think this is something that is similar. i do not advocate u.s. boots on the ground nor u.s. going it alone. we have to do this in conjunction with our allies. not possible to do it in the united nations because russia has a veto and they have been a bad player as i said before each and every time. we need to do this in conjunction with our allies and similar to what was done in libya when we moved in and
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helped tilt the civil war against a brutal dictator, gadhafi and it's true in syria as well. syria is a much more difficult situation but i think that we cannot sit idly by. the president is weighing all of his options obviously he makes the decision and it's difficult to say what to do. the president has gotten us out of a war in iraq and a war in afghanistan and we are war weary. nobody wants another war with u.s. boots on the ground. i think there are many options available to us that we can use short of ground war and i think we ought to do that. >> you point out there are intermediate options. back to this letter. you call for the military strikes of the fuel depots for helicopter and military and infrastructure. in that letter, do you suggest what should come post bashard al assad? obviously, you want him gone. what happens to syria? who takes over? >> well, there are all bad choices in syria.
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there are no good choices? syria. i don't have a crystal ball but i can tell you of all the bad choices, the worse choice is to do nothing and to watch people being gassed and murdered and to watch this brutal dictator continue to murder his own people. i think the whole world is watching. i think it's time for action. and i think that we ought to, again, do it in conjunction with our allies. we could destroy his runways with cruise missiles and make it impossible for him to bomb and murder his own people. we could bomb his munitions depots and his fuel depots and make it impossible for him to wage war on his own people. i think we ought to do that and i hope it tips the balance in the civil war, because i think that if assad is continuing to be the leader of syria, we are only going to have more blood shed and tears and murder. >> congressman, thanks for joining me today. >> thank you. ruth bader ginsburg what she sees as her role in what he she
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called one of the most activist courts in history. 700,000 is how much a new voter i.d. law could cut into the polls. the agenda panel will jump into that and much more. stick around. i think farmers care more about the land than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
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supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg making it clear she is not going any time soon. she discussed on friday a wide range of issues including the court's decision on the vote rights act and response to some on left pushing her to step down. while president obama is in office, quote, there is a president after this one and i'm hopeful that president will be a fine president. she vowed to stay on the court as long as i can do the job full speed and that at my age is not predictable. she is the court's oldest
8:14 am
justice. if filling her vacancy is left up to a republican president that could drastically change the court. arnie is joining me now along with rick. gentlemen, good to have you here. let's start out talking about the fact that in this conversation, justice ginsburg discussed the voting rights a.m. act and candid in her displeasure with the court saying, quote, the following. what do you make that have? the most activist courts in history. >> i think it's true if we take activism and define it by a willingness to overturn things and congress that is sdon and acceptable for congressed for a long time. the voting rights act is a prime example because it had been signed by republican presidents repeatedly reauthorized about bipartisan majorities and thrown
8:15 am
out the window. rick had written about the reasons that the voting rights act was going to face greater challenges and one interesting part that justice ginsburg mentions was that she would not have signed on to a 2009 opinion or at least wasn't as comfortable with it now seeing how roberts used it to go right at the heart of one of these important civil rights precedents. >> a lot of people look when we hear the word activist we think of it in a different texture as how the justice was using it in reference to vra. >> if you look at striking down federal legislation is unconstitutional this court has probably done more of that than any court in many, many decades. but, of course, the court reflects the times we live in and the level of contempt for congress in the country highest level it's at also in many decades. so i don't think these two things are unrelated. justice ginsburg did sign on to an opinion questioning the
8:16 am
constitutionality of the voting rights act and said i made a mistake and now emerge as the leading critic of the court's recent decision. >> and this article was written and here is what was said on "morning joe" this morning regarding the activist court comment. take a look. >> she is using activism in a particular sense because some people say judicial activism whenever they want to insult the other side, she is talking about the propensity of this court which she thinks is high to strike down congressional legislation. >> basically to strike down congressional legislation. normally it's the right insulting the left and activist court but her taking a swipe at the right. but when we talk about the makeup of the court, rick and ruth bader ginsburg considering or talking about what retirement means for her at 80 and we know 80-year-olds in our lives, i have parents. >> yep.
8:17 am
>> she is talking about not slowing down. she suffered two cracked ribs this year. she's had kcolon cancer and pancreatic cancer in the past. >> look at the justices who have left in their prime. these are difficult decisions to make. when you're on distort people read what you write and your words treated as history. it is the most magnificent building in washington to walk into and it's a hard job to walk away from but an enormous amount at stake right now depending on when retirements. >> in one sense i would add her expectation as a aclu litigator and one of the most liberal members of the court she will be replaced probably by someone slight to her right no matter
8:18 am
who is president. she didn't say that but i think is the undercurrent here. >> as you point that out, we have the rulings this summer on doma and kicking prop 8 back to california and had these t-shirts this summer of the image this in the notorious rbg. do you think she would be replaced to someone to right of her, is she the rock star liberal of the court? >> i think she absolutely it. rick, i don't know if you've worked on this in your scholarship. whether many comparisons to be made between her and biggie smalls i think is an open question that has to be studied but the idea you can put t-shirts of her out there. she is not an elena kagan. she came out this term and said i'm not down with the promise that kennedy had fashioned. she wanted to say 100% prodiversity and let schools do what they want. she is often outside of where we think of that liberal block.
8:19 am
>> a great read and very interesting into her mind. thank you both so much. we can always watch "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 in the afternoon. we went from vma and talk rma later in this show. a wire is out of control in yosemite national park. this is the video everybody is talking about letting rick and aurie off the hook. it is the miley cyrus performance. this is you what missed. see this? yeah. any way hannah mountain no more. that leads to the big question. was her performance too much or much to do about nothing? guys? anything? >> who is miley cyrus? >> exactly. head to facebook or tweet me. we are going to fill rick in who miley cyrus is. ♪
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in california, thousands of firefighters are throwing everything they have at a monster blaze bigger than the city of chicago and still raging. the fire is north of yosemite national park and grown to be one of the biggest in california's history. nbc tom costello is in california. tom? >> reporter: good day from here in california. just to give you a sense of where we are. right over my right shoulder, probably about five miles or so is the national park. yosemite national park. this here is the staging area for the firefighting effort. we have thousands of firefighters and you see one line of trucks here. we see a line like that almost every single block in this town. firefighters are staged throughout this town for two reasons. one, they need a quick access point to be able to respond quickly to neighboring areas
8:24 am
that may be in trouble. but also this is a point of defense here. they are defending this town because it is on the front lines of this fire. if the fire were to jump the canyon, then it could, in fact, immediately start encroaching into this town. we have in the neighborhood of 2,000 firefighters defending this town and the nearby towns here. then inside the park you have another firefighting effort involved there with u.s. forest service and park rangers involved in that particular fight. this has been going on more than a week. it is exploded now more than 205 square miles or so. the 135,000 acres. most of that in the park is in a very remote corner of the park. it is not in any way arrivinging the tourist areas. because of the granite rock that persists that tourist area they expect it will do that again.
8:25 am
they only have about eight to nine% containment and winds volatile on the afternoon. that picks up the flames and it spreads the embers and have another battle on their hands. this is a very active and fluid situation. thankfully nobody injured. or worse. thomas, back to you. >> here is a look at the other stories topping the news now. frightening nomtsmoments for a 12-year-old in texas. untrudiers broke in when he was home alone. he called 911 for help. >> poor little guy. police arrested those burglars. his mom says that she is proud
8:26 am
of her son. he knew the right people to call right away. in ft. hood, texas, the sentencing face of major hasan is under way. he was found guilty on 13 kounds of mur -- counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder and will face the death penalty rb. mike tyson says he is on the verge of dying. during a press conference in new york he knitted he is still suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. >> i want to change my life and want to live a different life. i want to live sober and i don't want to die. i'm a vicious alcoholic. >> during that press conference tyson admitted he had been sober six days. he is starting the new year as a boxing promoter. a controversial plan in columbia, south carolina, to evict the homeless. they voted to criminalize homelessness. people on the streets have the option to relocate or get arrested. an emergency shelter stay open
8:27 am
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massive cuts as the nation celebrates 50 years since dr. martin luther king's speech i have a dream. president obama gets ready to speak at a ceremony honoring the
8:31 am
march on washington. those are the topics for our agenda panel. corey and ryan join me now. let's start with the new analysis coming in from voting in 2012. exactly who was most disenfranchised. according to this new survey from the advancement project, we have racial minorities the most affected from these voter i.d. laws and veterans, americans with disabilities, and students. corey, talk about this. is that being taken into consideration as we look at certain states that are now imposing these stricter voter i.d. laws? it seems they are constantly seeking a resolution for a problem that doesn't exist. >> thomas, there is no evidence that voter fraud is occurring with any statistical significance in any state. i think what you're seeing, though, the last two years when these laws are challenged in courts, judges are take into
8:32 am
account those who are affected but also taking into account what each state does in an effort to make sure individuals get a chance to get these new photo i.d.s. that was the hang-up last year with pennsylvania. the judge decided that the state had not made enough effort to make sure that these new photo i.d.s were free or easily accessible. in texas that ended this effort last year. i think when you're going to see with d.o.j. challenging texas voter i.d. law and other laws, they have rulings already in the texas indicate from last year against voter i.d. and texas redistricting law that showed that these -- both these laws were discriminatory incidence minorities and that will help potentially the d.o.j.'s case to strike down these laws. >> okay. aaron carmon joins us in the conversation. >> caller:. when you hear what corey is staying about that and
8:33 am
potentially helping the d.o.j.'s case, is that a possibility, that that example will help their case? now we have texas and we have got north carolina. we are going to be watching all of these efforts ramp up now that the vra has taken away and what supreme court has done taken away the federal oversight who is doing what in those states. >> right. unfortunately, i think their tools are limited. right now, the justice department is, first of all, using rhetorical strategies. from a legal perspective, secondly, quite limited now that supreme court has gutted the voting rights act. under section two they are trying to bring a novel legal argument and see it that will at least work. there is also cases that have been brought by the naacp and aclu in north. at this point, all they can do is try. >> ryan, former secretary of state colin powell got a lot of attention after warning republicans yesterday that voter
8:34 am
i.d. laws are eventually just bad news in general for the party, especially if they mean that they want to attract a different set of voters by widening the tent. take a listen. >> asyou say you want to reach out. you say you want to have a new message. you say you want to bring some of these voters to the republican side. this is not the way to do it. the way to do it is to make it easier for them to vote and give them something to vote for that they can believe in. >> ryan, do you think that will resonate on the right or fall on deaf ears? >> i think he brings up an interesting point. when we have this happening in the last cycle, you had so much attention on these voter i.d. laws there was an argumentatively helped out and boosted obama in the last election because so much attention brought to these and people afraid of their votes being suppressed so interesting to see where this d.o.j. law
8:35 am
goes. an interesting argument and leaning a lot on these previous lawsuits and previous findings for who exactly is going to be disenfranchised of these fauts laws. >> let's look forward to president obama's speech on wednesday. you know, celebrating the march on washington. corey, let me ask you. colin powell is calling out the president for not speaking more on race. do you have an expectation about what you want to hear from the president, especially when it comes to celebrating this milestone in history, but also on the modern day role that race discussions in america currently stand in? >> thomas, as we all know, the president has been very carefully parsed in his opportunities that he takes. when it's time to address sort of the civil rights legacy and martin luther king, jr. legalsy he hasn't shied from that. i think he'll jump in as he usually does and plunges into that part of it. the broader race discussion is
8:36 am
something he has avoided most of his time in office. more recently he has shown a willingness to what in and saw that it the george zimmerman verdict with the trayvon marpt shootin martin shooting. i think on wednesday they will be looking for the president to weigh in more clearly on issues of race. i think no matter what, though, this speech of his is going to be girted under voting rights. protected under voting rights. i think he'll lay out a clear call that his doj is going to make these cases against voting rights the centerpiece of this administration's view on race and their position on race when you talk about legacy. >> ryan, do you agree with that? because a lot of people look at the fact the president has been conscious of what he steps in when it comes to discussions about race, but taking into account that he is not up for
8:37 am
re-election and doesn't have to worry about that, should the president be more forceful with amount of time he has left? >> i think this is something that is important to him and something he brought up in the state of the union address and brought up on the night of his election the voting problems we saw in the last cycle. i think it's high up on his agenda and he talks a lot about with the attorney general. as far as the section two cases goes, i think it will be, you know, extremely interesting to see exactly how they are going to go about fighting these, given that the supreme court essentially pointed to these as a replacement for section 5 which a lot of civil rights leaders strongly disagree with and think it doesn't offer the same -- >> say real quickly. go ahead. >> the structure for how exactly what states were covered, i thinks section 56 is something that civil rights leaders are worried about weakening. >> we have to leave it there. thank you all for joining me. appreciate your time. for more from our panel, you can
8:38 am
check out our website following the link to my name. in a few hours from now, u.s. army staff sergeant ty carter will receive the nation's highest military recognition the congressional medal of honor. he is honored for conspicuous gallantry when enemy fighters tried to outrun his outpost in 2009. how rare is this honor? 853 medals of honor awarded as a result of world war ii and wars in korea and vietnam. joining me is one of those who received this medal of honor, criminal jack jacobs. after today's ceremony, will be just 79 living recipients of the medal of honor. yourself included. and only five of those from the
8:39 am
wars in iraq and afghanistan. we have got this article in "usa today" asking the question are they awarded too rarely? what is your estimation on that? do you think they are? >> in a word, yes. it's very complicated situations. in the previous conflicts we have had, lots of toe-to-toe contact. opportunities for the kind of valor that we see in an award of the medal of honor and other val valorus awards have not been as frequent as in previous wars. we are lucky to have a large number of men and women who serve and sacrifice for us. and i think it's in everybody's best interest that we recognize valorus combat whenever we possibly can. >> let's look at you, for example. you've got the congressional medal of honor, distinguished
8:40 am
service cross and the silver and bronze -- >> that's not me now. >> the congressional medal of honor, correct? >> yes. >> the other distinguished service cross and the silver and bronze stars, do you like the way i gave you those? >> excellent. >> when it comes to deciding how those are awarded, what is the protocol? how does the procedure go? >> well, in the regulations, the disertation as you get the medal of honor versus the distinguished service cross, for example, is very, very vague. it's very, very subjective. and let me give you an anecdote quickly that demonstrates how subjective this is. when i was in combat in 1967 and '68 and i was wounded in 1986, a navy helicopter pilot, a gunship pilot flew in and saved six of us. helicopter shot up by the enemy who were really close by. people getting killed and
8:41 am
wounded. in the extraction to save us. navy gunship pilot. when i was in the hospital later on, it was discovered a skipper wanted to court-martial him for ruining government equipment or something similar to that. i and others roefused to participate in that exercise. in the end this guy got the navy cross, the second highest award in the navy after the medal of honor. court-martial, navy cross, court-martial? it's a jump ball. >> we see how it went. just real quickly. we have to go. it's illegal to wear someone's medal of honor but it's not illegal for me so say that i have one, right? >> free speech issue. you can say whatever you want, but you can't sell it. and you can't wear it. >> colonel jack jacobs, good to have you here. we will be back after this. n hod because of a migraine. so they trust excedrin migraine to relieve pain fast. plus sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. and it's #1 neurologist recommended. migraines are where excedrin excels.
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8:45 am
police say the woman was his caregiver and the boy just finished playing violent game grand theft army iv that was before the shooting. faith joining me now. the boy was taken into custody and later relieveased to his parents. this 8-year-old kid it's not under question that he pulled the trigger and took this 90-year-old's life. but what does the law say? >> investigators believe he did so intentionally. the law in louisiana says if you're 10 or younger you cannot be held criminally responsible. he c the parents are ordered to go to court this morning and the case has been reported to the department of children and family services. they are now going to look into it and try to address whatever
8:46 am
behavioral issues may be at issue here. in terms of criminal responsibility, it's always a question how do you handle children who intentionally kill. our criminal justice system in louisiana does not address that and other states it's different. we have had children as young as 8 and 9 charged with murder in other states but not in louisiana according to their state law. >> according to investigators, the child was playing this video game, a violent video game game, grand theft auto 4. parents will know the context of this video game. when we think about the behavioral actions that go into this, i would think that the court system would want to have some type of oversight of this child's development from this point forward. >> right. the 8-year-old was relieveased k to the parents. now a video game not appropriate for an 8-year-old but who has access to a gun. clearly parental oversight was
8:47 am
at issue here. the reality that some of these children are living in is an issue our criminal system has to address. most diekids who play these gam don't go out and kid but when you combine that with someone who has mental issues, they then start to veer into this virtual reality where they are not distinguishing between what is reality and vged. >> there is no way for the family of the 90-year-old to properly seek justice through the criminal system because of the laws and the way that you say that the state laws say under 10 there is no formal charges that can be enacted? >> no. there aren't. so you're going to have the -- it's the department of family in need of services. they have a range of services that they provide to young people who are adjudicated prejuvenile delinquent behavior when they see that type of behavior. they are are going to try to assess the situation that parents will be in court today. this kid can go back to school.
8:48 am
>> so terribly tragic all around. attorney faith jenkins, thank you. we are back after this. stick around. it's concerning news according to the cdc, 1 in 58 baby boomers experiencing memory problems. they say memory problems affecting their work and personal lives and half doesn't tell their doctors because they forgot. a change in diet and physical activities and brain game exercises may be pretty bad to help. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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. okay. so over the years the mtv video music awards have produced a number of over-the-top performances and it's been three decades now, they've aired, but at least one performance last night, truly grabbing all the headlines today. ♪ >> all right. that's miley cyrus joining robin thicke on stage for "blurred lines" and if it wasn't clear before that, miley cyrus, hannah montana days are behind her. she made it clear last night because we have reactions from
8:52 am
some of the famous faces in the crowd to miley's dance. those reactions have gone viral but her performances left some wondering how far is too far. "e" correspondent alicia joins me to talk about the highlights and low lights from last night. first, let's -- the reaction shots because there were some. >> the whole arena was like this. >> well, you know, curious to see what she's doing. there's drake looking away, not paying much attention to what was going on. >> yeah. >> then we've got rihanna i think we have looking a little bored. we don't have that one? all right. but i think everybody at home gets the idea, because all of our faces after seeing this is, all right, is this going too far, is she making a point? hannah montana is dead, what was this performance? >> this performance is saying hannah montana is dead and new miley is here. i was in the barclays center and everybody's faces were like this. i'm sitting with jaded press, hard to shock us, but everybody is like what is going on. this is the new her.
8:53 am
>> what got you the most? >> caught me the most -- >> the finger. >> no. the guy rating on robin thicke, even though miley is still a grown woman you think of her as a child. miley, where are your clothes? it's just some things are too far. we get it, you can twerk, nice body. but calm it down, miley. >> so let's -- some of our viewer responses to our question was too much or much ado about nothing. michael says she's a mess but it was definitely entertaining. tim says miley got what she wanted. everybody is talking about her. mission accomplished. pam weighed in, poor robin is all i can say. >> robin is happy. >> here's the thing. all the attention falls on to a 20-year-old girl who is trying to emerge from a squeaky clean disney image and no one is coming down on this 36-year-old guy who's married and was a part and complicit in this career move of hers. so the guys get away with all of it and the girls dets shamed. >> remember for "blurred lines" one of the biggest songs of the
8:54 am
summer he got heat for the commercial where the girls -- for the videos where the girls are rocking around naked. his wife paula patton has a movie with denzel where she sakes her shirt off. she said robin and i don't have an issue with it. >> they are artists. last night art was celebrated, mclemore and ryan lewis won two big awards but "same love" was performed by them but that was the award for social messaging, correct? >> that's right. and this is interesting. jennifer hudson performed with them. these guys are not on a major record label. they've done everything independent, got a rare deal where they have the label doing their pr and that's it. so this is the most celebrated, independent act ever and showing you can do it differently. this is about gay and lesbians being able to get married. >> jason collins came out and introduced them, which was a great moment. people talking about whether or not he's going to be picked up with a contract to play in the nba. but n'sync, the reunion, the
8:55 am
buzz. it was epic buzz it was brief. >> this is all anybody could talk about, the reunion. they came out there, they did quite few songs, justin timberlake got the video vanguard award, performed a few solo acts. he said i want half my vmas with these guys in sync i couldn't have done it without you. >> a lot of people got to reminisce. 30 years of video music awards. great to have you. >> thank you. >> i appreciate. it that's going to wrap things up for me. i'll see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. "now" with alex wagner is coming up. i don't think you're talking about miley. >> we were. i guess i'm going to cancel the twerking segment. >> in commercial break i'm going to check out your twerking and see if you're up to snuff. >> that's a deep tease, thomas. >> a lot coming up. you u.n. chemical weapons inspectors coming under fire in syria as the u.s. weighs military options in an attempt
8:56 am
to put an end to the blood letting. intervention and the crossing of the red line. we'll also go live to the scene of one of the biggest wildfires in california history. plus, they may not have a shred of evidence that any laws have been broken but republicans can't seem to stop talking about impeachment. all of that when "now" starts right after this. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." peace of mind is important when so we provide it services you bucan rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner,
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what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. a tipping point in syria as wildfires rage out west and republicans try to make use of their time in elected office by impeaching the president. it's monday, august 26th and this is "now." >> after two and a half years of civil war in syria never has there been more pressure on the u.s. and the international community to take military action. this morning a team of u.n. chemical weapons inspectors
9:00 am
dressed in body armor arrived in the suburbs of damascus to inspect the sites of is theed chemical weapons attacks that killed 355 and injured at least 3600 last week. but according to a u.n. spokesman as the inspectors arrived on the scene, their vehicle was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers. the u.n. team continued the inspection later today, visiting wounded people and collecting samples, but regardless of the results it seems that the u.s. and others are poised for military action and soon. according to the "new york times" on sunday a senior obama administration official said there was, quote, very little doubt that president bashar al assad military's forces had used chemical weapons against civilians last week and that a syrian promised to allow u.n. inspectors to access the site would be too late to be credible. over the weekend president obama met with his top military and national security advisors who presenced him with a detailed set of military options

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